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We offer all kinds of mobile phone repair services, including software update services, button and battery replacement, and screen repair, for a wide variety of mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, iPads, and many other models. 

Mobile Phone Repairs

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In our world today where everything you want is just a click away, people are constantly on their phones and other mobile devices in order to stay connected with friends, get themselves entertained, and also be informed about the goings on around the globe.

Unfortunately, though, these devices that help you stay in touch with the world around you may go out of order from time to time through accidents or misuse. And when this happens, you become disconnected.

Cheap Phone Repairs Mt. Roskill, Auckland

We do not stop at giving you cheap phone repairs in Auckland. We also deal with common laptop software and hardware related issues. We achieve all these through our well-equipped and ever-ready staff. Our services are all at quite affordable prices, and you can find our price list as well as the complete list of all our services on the page tagged Services.

Renowned Mobile Phone Repairs Services in Mt. Roskill, Auckland

At Phone Repair Guru, it is important to us that you stay connected, and this is why we have brought to you these mobile phone repair services you truly need. Your devices are safe in the care of our staff, and you can rest assured to be offered quick and quality services at very affordable prices. With all these, you do not get to stay disconnected from your world for long! Are you in need of iPhone repairs in Auckland, then hurry up and contact the renowned Phone Repairs Guru in Auckland.

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Do you have an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other faulty mobile device? Don’t worry, mobile Phone Repair Guru Auckland is here for you! Our shop is open to everyone no matter how far or near you may be from us. Contact us for your iPhone repairs Auckland.